Special Events

Ordinance 106 Is currently in the process of being updated. Please attend the Ordinance meetings or call the Clerk for further information.

Please contact the City Clerk at (208) 265-8339 if you are having an event to determine if a permit is required.

A "Special Event" is defined as any preplanned single gathering, event or series of related consecutive daily gatherings or events, commercial or noncommercial in nature, expected to attract or cause one hundred (100) or more persons at any session as participants or spectators. Such an event shall include, but not be limited to, displays, exhibits, exhibitions, fairs, festivals, sporting events, parades, performances and contests within the City limits of Dover.

A Vendor Permit is required within the city limits for any vendor who wishes to sell or deliver goods or merchandise, food concessions or services at such an event. Please contact the City clerk for application forms

An Alcoholic Beverage Catering Permit is required for any vendor wishing to sell, transfer, distribute or dispense alcoholic beverages at such an event. Pleae contact the City Clerk for application forms.

Requests for a special event must be submitted to the City Clerk at least forty-five (45) days but no more than ninety (90) days prior to the date requested for the special event.