City Offices

Office hours: Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, closed weekends & holidays.

All City offices are located at
699 Lakeshore Ave. Dover, ID 83825-0115
They may be reached via:
mail: PO Box 115, Dover Id 83825-0115
Fax(208)265-9035 or
email the City.

City offices are public service offices performing a wide variety of functions and citizen services. We are here to provide quality service in a timely manner, to protect the health and safety of our residents, and to be the BEST neighbor and caretaker as possible. If they can be of service to you and your family, please feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns you may have.

The Mayor's Office is responsible for directing, organizing and controlling all City departments and oversees the enforcement of all pertinent state and federal laws, and city ordinances. The Mayor as the Administrator of the City, ensures the policy direction set by the City Council is carried out. The Mayor directs the delivery of public services in order to provide high quality, efficient and cost-effective services.

She chairs the City Council meetings, keeps the Council informed, and acts as the City's representative at interagency meetings.

The Clerk's Office, is the official record filing center for all City resolutions, ordinances, contracts, meeting minutes and documents adopted by the City Council. This office handles requests for information regarding official City documents, as well as archiving and preservation of those documents. They prepare and distribute City Council agendas, packets and are custodian of the official meeting minutes.
Along with the archival duties they also coordinate election procedures on the municipal level for state and federal elections as well as all municipal elections.
Because in Idaho, individual entities such as the School District hold elections at different locations than City elections, finding where to vote is sometimes confusing. This office will help you know exactly where elections will be held.

Voter Registration for municipal elections and absentee ballots are available from the Bonner County Election office located at 1500 Hwy 2, Suite 337, Sandpoint, Id 83864, phone 208-255-3631.

The Planning and Zoning Office is available to assist you with questions regarding building permits, Water and Sewer installation Guidelines, hook up fees and zoning or ACI maps. They are able to provide you with direction concerning general planning and zoning issues but may refer you to our Planning and Zoning consultant, Bryan Quayle for more detailed information.

The Treasurer's Office This department is your source for questions about water and sewer billing, purchasing, or bid opportunities.

The Treasurer's Office is the financial hub of our city offices. Our Treasurer is responsible for overall financial planning for the City, revenue administration and development and administering the budget.
In addition, the office also provides payroll services, purchasing, and administration of the City's outstanding debt obligations. The department assists the Mayor in the preparation of the annual budget, invests City funds for both short and long-term purposes and provides cash management for the City. These services are currently being provided to the city by James Hutchins, CPA and Associates.

The SPOT OfficeThe SPOT System manager is Marion Johnson. Operational offices for SPOT are located at 304 JACKSON AVE., Dover, Idaho next to the Post Office.

The Parks and Recreation Office is currently being handled through the Mayor's Office

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